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Getting your crowns and bridges couldn't be easier. Simply send us the impressions from which  you want us to create the crowns and bridges via our freepost service and we'll do the rest.

Our crown and bridgework includes:

• Full metal crowns

• Zirconia crowns

• Post and cores

• Precision attachments

• Maryland bridges

• Zirconia bridges

• Implants including Nobel Biocare and Frialit, etc

• Prosthetic veneers

• Emax crowns

Cross contamination is something we take very seriously and we take a number of steps to prevent it.

When you're running a busy dental practice, it's good to know that whenever your patients need replacement crowns or bridges, you can get them made and returned on time and without any hassle. That's exactly what you can get from By-Tech Dental Lab.

Looking for a reliable supplier of crowns and bridges?

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Crowns & Bridges

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